Julian and Jeann

Julian and Jeann following the Conan O'Brien Show on 18 June 1999

Special Thanks to Jeann for writing up about her day and sending her pictures!!
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Jeann, Julian and MarkWhen I first found out that Julian was to appear on Conan O'Brian I decided that I had to go, I HAD to meet Julian. But after numerous calls, letters and email's to NBC & The Conan Show for tickets I was getting nervous. I then went to NBC's website to find out who else would be appearing on the show that evening. When I found that it was Mike Myers I knew getting into the show would be impossible. Still I thought I might possibly get in as a stand-by. So Mark and I decided to leave North New Jersey at 5:30am as we would be faced with commuter traffic. We needed to arrive before 9:00am as that is when stand-by Juliantickets are handed out. We arrived at 8:00am with the first person in line having arrived at 6:30am. We were issued tickets 63 & 64. I knew at that point that getting into the 220 seat studio was not an option. We then went to the Today Show and watched the J Geils Band perform outside the studio for a street audience. They were very good. Then we decided to go for a walk through Central Park and to Strawberry Fields. As we arrived we were met by a woman there who was decorating the "Imagine" mosaic with flowers and song lyrics and photos for a sing-a-long in honour of Sir Paul McCartney's birthday. She was very nice and we chatted with her for awhile and then headed back to the studios to see Julian arrive. We got back there at 3:00pm and I had later learned from a friend of mine that Julian arrived at 2:45pm and there had been only 5 people in the lobby and all got their photos with him and his autograph. He said he was very nice and friendly to all of them. He then proceeded to the elevators to the studio. After we Julianarrived we stood in line for what seemed an eternity and they took only the first 7 stand-by's. But I was determined to meet Julian so we stayed til after the show ended taping which was 6:30pm. By this time people from the studio started hanging around for autographs as well as those of us who had been there all day. By 6:45pm many were saying that Julian had already left but I didn't believe them. At 7:00pm the elevator doors opened and his band emerged and I just knew Jules was behind. Then he came out of the elevator and I couldn't believe my luck. I was one of the first ones standing by the podium where he signed autographs. I wore my "Photograph Smile" t-shirt and went right up to him and asked for his autograph. ILucy Bayliss, Julian Lennon, Bob Rose told him that I thought "PS" was a brilliant album and of course he said "thank you very much". Then I asked if I could have my photo taken with him and he said "Sure. Could you wait one moment while I sign these autographs?" I just thought to myself, Julian, I have waited since 8 o'clock this morning to meet you, OF COURSE I CAN WAIT ONE MINUTE! Then Mark was right there with the camera and I got my photo. I then saw this woman (who was CJ!), talking to Bob Rose and getting his autograph on her "PS" booklet. So I got Bob to sign my "Photograph Smile" CD, as well. When he asked how I spelled my name and I did so for him, he replied "J.E.A.N.N." that is very pretty". I then told him that I loved his contribution to the CD and especially his work on "Way to Your Heart". I don't think he expected anyone to comment on HIS work on the CD and he was very appreciative. While I was speaking to Bob, Mark was getting Julian's autograph and I was there for his photo with Julian and then we got a Mark's Pic with Julianphoto of Julian and both of us. We asked Julian how his mother was, explaining that we had met her in 1994 and found her to be a wonderful person. He said she was doing great and he seemed very pleased that we asked about his mum. I'm sure he get's very tired of responding to the never-ending "Dad Questions". I was then behind Julian and then heard this woman, (whom I later found out was CJ), say she does his web site "Hey Jules" and I turned to her and said "I love your website" and Julian turned around to me and said "Thank you" and then he realized I was speaking to her and said "Oh, which one?...oh well thanks any way" and all three of Julian and CJus just laughed. I then started taken photos of Julian and took one of he and CJ and I am so happy that I did. Because in doing so I got to know CJ and made a new Julian friend. You can never have too many of those! As Julian was finishing signing autographs Mark and I were chatting with Bob Rose and I asked him about the other material Julian had recorded while doing this album and Bob said, "You think this album is good, (taking my Photograph Smile cd), the new stuff blow's this away!" I told him that I could hardly believe it, feeling that PS is such a phenomenal album. But he assured me it was superior. Julian then finished signing autographs and started to leave heading out the wrong way and both Bob and I said "Julian this way" directing him out the proper exit. We walked outside and Julian got into his car and patiently waited for his driver to get off his phone. Bob headed across the street to a van and Matt and other band members walked down the street. I leaned down into the car and thanked Julian for the photos and autographs and said "goodbye". His driver finished his call and Julian said "Goodbye" and waved to me as they drove off.

I have to admit, I have met many "stars", having lived in Los Angeles and now near New York City but never have I EVER met anyone so pleasant and accommodating to his fans. He was so genuine and kind. It was like speaking to one of your close friends. I can honestly say that day was truly a highlight of my life. Thank you Julian for being you!

Jeann Delanoy