Meeting Julian after Conan!

18 June 1999 NYC

Photograph Smile

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 Thanks Jeann for sending the picture you took too!


About a week before the show I found out that my husband (Mike) and I were going to have tickets to see Julian perform on Conan. I was extremely excited as this would be my first time to see Julian perform live as well as a chance to actually meet Julian himself.  Having been a fan for 15 years and running the site for over a year this was a dream come true.

Our neighbors agreed to baby-sit our son so around noon we dropped him off and then rushed back home to change and head out on the trip to NYC armed with a disposable camera (I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to take a camera in).  It typically takes us 2 hours to get to NYC from our place when we go on the weekends but this was a Friday afternoon and we had to be in the studios by 3:30 to get it so when we finally made it onto Manhattan Island at 3 I was anxious to find somewhere to park and head to 50 Rockefeller Plaza!

We ended up parking around 61st and Madison.  It was an area we had parked in before from visiting Linda McCartney's Wide Open exhibit and knew there was a garage there! So we got the car parked and walked our way down to the NBC Studios arriving right around the 3:30 mark only to find out our names were not on the ticket list! Luckily, the head page quickly got this straightened out and we were passed through the medal detectors and sent up the elevators to the upstairs queuing.

All of the pages were extremely nice and the guy behind us in line was the brother of one so there were two of them standing around us, the sister who was off duty and the page she said was nicknamed  "the happy page" due to her cheerful disposition. We started talking and I asked about the possibility of meeting one of the stars explaining that I was a fan of Julian's and do a fan site for him on the internet. She told me that after the show a lot of the stars leave the building through the same elevators we do to wait at the bottom in the lobby. 

Right around 4pm we were lead into the studio and seated. Mike and I were seated in the fourth row centered with the stage Julian would be playing on. The stage was about 18 ft away from where we were sitting.  The audience was greeted and Conan came out to talk to us and did some stand up comedy in the aisles of the audience. There was an applause check and then it was time for the show to begin.

The majority of the audience were Mike Myers fans but  Julian still received a warm welcome! There were TV monitors showing what was being taped but I focused on the live action figuring that I could watch the TV later that night! 

When Julian came out, the house band was still playing during the ad break and he jumped around a bit, watched the house band and fingered chords on his guitar..  he was obviously a bit nervous.. then they did the count down for him being on and he started "I Don't Wanna Know" which I though was great! Though from where I was I didn't see that his guitar string had broke and that is what he moved out of his way.. it wasn't until watching the show later that night that I saw that. In the break following the song Julian walked over the the couch and talked a bit with Conan and Andy and then there was the interview and another break. At one point during a break, Andy was talking to Julian about his watch. 

Soon the show was over and we were led back the the elevators. We went down and waited with a couple dozen other fans most of which hadn't been able to get in to see the show because of the demand with Mike Myers being there. There were also Mike Myers fans waiting but they were soon told that Mike had taking the tunnels out the building and was long gone.

My Autographed BookFinally the waiting was rewarded and Julian and band appeared from the elevator. It was overwhelming how the crowd engulfed him calling out his name and trying to get his attention.  He told everyone he would sign some autographs, to just give him a moment and he positioned himself  near one of the podiums and started signing "Julian Lennon X" on everything presented to him.  

Eventually, I made my way up to him to have him sign my booklet from the Japanese boxed "Photograph Smile." I handed him the booklet and my pen and he started signing as photographer were calling out look this way Julian to take his picture.  I managed to say "Hi, I do the Hey Jules web site" and he turned and said "Oh, Really? It is nice to finally meet you." Then a woman who I later learned was Jeann told me "I love your website." And Julian and I simultaneously said "Thank You." Then Julian looked at me then her and said "Oh! Which one?... Well Thanks anyway." and laughed and since he had finished signing my booklet it was time to move on as others were crowding in.

I saw Bob Rose standing in the back area and called to him and asked if he would sign my booklet as well. He said sure and asked my name and when I told him he looked surprised and said "Oh I know you! Thanks so much." And signed my booklet as a group of others headed over and wanted him to sign their things as well.

Julian and IJulian with my hand on his backSo I left Bob and wandered back closer to Julian and managed to get close enough behind him to put my hand on his left shoulder. Once he was done talking to the others he turned and put his arm around me and I asked if I could get a picture with him. He said "Sure" kind of amused.. here I was asking him to take a picture with him when he already had his arm around me... So Mike snapped the picture and I told Julian "Thank You" and he said "Thank You" back and kissed my hair. Then Mike headed me out of building <G>.

Walking out Mike noticed a Lincoln Town Car waiting and mentioned that it was probably Julian's so he took a picture of me standing outside of the studios and we waited a bit for Julian to come out.

Jules Leaving the BuildingJulian LeavingJulian Leaving ConanShortly, Julian walked out with paparazzi snapping photos like crazy and headed for the car. I got a couple as he was heading out and then one as he was walking to the car. He then turned and waved to Mike and I who were the only ones still standing by the doors and then got into his car... and I was left on cloud 9 for days. We headed back toward Central Park and got some Pizza then made our way back to Connecticut hoping the pictures came out. 

They came out a bit dark but they are okay.. still wish I would have had my real camera.. there's always the concerts though! 

Be sure to click the thumbnails on this page for full pictures. Special Thanks to Jeann for contributing her photo as well!! I'll have the rest of hers up soon! ~ CJ