Julian at the Mall of America

Minneapolis, MN on March 4th, 1999
By Verna Boyd

Photograph Smile

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Photo by Verna Boyd
This report originally appeared in the Spring 1999 Issue (#24) of the Jules Rules Newsletter!
 Special Thanks to Jules Rules and Verna Boyd for letting me repost it on the site! 
Story and Photos Copyright 1999 Verna Boyd
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Photo by Verna BoydJulian Lennon appeared at the Mall of America on March 4. My 3 1/2 hour drive from Garreston, South Dakota to Minneapolis, Minnesota was well worth it!

I arrived early and was in the front row. He did a radio interview before the concert started at about 6:20 PM. He sang "Day After Day," "I Should Have Known," "I Don't Wanna Know," and "Saltwater." Matt Backer accompanied. There was an excellent turn out, and the crowd enjoyed the music. Julian talked about each song and was jovial. His sense of humor was wonderful! There were problems with the sound system, but Julian was a trooper. He smiled, made the best of it and continued. He sounded great, and there was a lot of applause after each song!

Photo by Verna BoydAfter a short break he returned to sign autographs for almost two hours. Hoping he still liked motorcycles, I gave him a Harley-Davidson pin and patch from Sioux Falls. He was very kind! Everyone in the crowd was impressed with him and his music. Many copies of PHOTOGRAPH SMILE sold. Yes!!!!!

It was fun visiting with other fans. We had a blast discussing our favorite Julian songs and lyrics. The following day one of the radio stations interviewed  him, and another covered the concert. I have waited many years to see him in concert, and I can't wait until he tours in the U.S.. His performance was excellent! Thanks, Julian!