German Radio Station NDR 2

15 April 1998

Photograph Smile

TO GUEST WITH NDR 2 to 15.4.98
Julian Lennon





Julian Lennon with interpreter Alexander Boesch and moderator January-painted Andresen in the NDR of 2 studio








Autograph hour with NDR 2



Julian Lennon (center) with Angela Gobelin and Hans George Martin (NDR 2 - music editorship), Petra Thomsen Roeder (PTR Promotion) and the two managers (right) with NDR 2





After the interview a loose discussion with Julian Lennon over the new album " PHOTOGRAPHER SMILE " in the editorship island of NDR 2


High attendance with NDR 2: Julian Lennon

Exclusively for NDR 2 Julian Lennon - son of John Lennon - gave a Live interview on April 15, 1998. In the transmission, NDR 2 - ON AFTERNOON,  the pleasant, almost shy star chatted about his new album PHOTOGRAPH SMILE, which appears on Rough trade May 18, 1998  - 7 years after his last album HELP YOURSELF.

In these 7 years, Julian Lennon wanted to win distance from the hard music business and the eternal comparisons with Beatle John.

But he was not dormant: For example, Julian emerged in the film LEAVING LAS VEGAS  in a small cameo. And he wrote many songs. His fans can now hear the best pieces on the new album.

The first single from the album DAY AFTER DAY had its radio premiere on NDR 2. The song will shortly be heard again in the film FROM ANOTHER ROOM.

In the end,  Julian told listeners of NDR2  that he purchased, in the last year, for 25.000 Pound, the original manuscript of the Beatles Song HEY JUDE. Paul McCartney wrote this song particularly for Julian in 1968 - It was originally called HEY JULES.