Julian Lennon on David Letterman 17 February 1999

Captures and Graphics done by CJ Transcription done by Lātka

Multiple pics of Jules from Letterman  

Dave: Yes sireee. OK. (Looking over to Jules) Are you all set?...(yells over to Paul) Paul, some of the...some of the boys have defected, Paul! (Some of Dave's band members had moved over to play behind Jules)

Paul yells back: Yea, they've deserted me!

Dave: They've jumped ship, they've gone AWOL.

Paul: They've jumped ship, Sir!!!

Dave: They found a new band! (Then he pulls himself up from his joking around and does a great announce -) Our next guest is a talented musician and singer (picks up CD perfectly positioning it for viewing) I have a copy of it right here, Photograph Smile. Please welcome back to the program, Julian Lennon, Julian ~

Jules was amazing. It was so great to actually see him hit those notes. "Day After Day"  has such a range and he was rock steady. I thought it went really, really well. It seems with most musical performances on talk shows, if anything can go wrong, it does. The artists usually never sound anywhere near as good as their recordings. He came very close. ~ Lātka

Dave (weaving his way between musicians to get to Jules): Excuse me, thank you, pardon me...(extending his hand to Jules) Julian, good to see you again.

Jules: Thank you very much. (they shake hands)

Dave: Beautiful song. (Dave is still holding on to his hand as they both face the audience)

Jules: Thank you. (the audience is going wild)

Dave: Julian Lennon, ladies and gentlemen, right here, thank you very much.

Jules: (Nods to Dave who is *still* shaking his hand) My pleasure, my pleasure.

Dave: (Finally they let go of their hands) We'll be right back!

Commercial break -  they come back and Jules is sitting with Dave, who is holding up the CD again.

Dave: (To audience) This is the CD, (looks over to Jules) coming out Feb 23rd?

Jules: February 23rd, yes.

Dave: (Dave needs to wrap up the show) My thanks to Julian Lennon. I'd sure like to have one of them shirts! Can you put me in touch with one of them shirts?

Jules: Actually, (Looks down at what it says and pulls on it so everyone can read, 'LENNON and proud of it') a friend of mine made this especially for me.

Dave is continuing: I'd like to have one of those, that's a good looking shirt! ~ Oh, especially for you...

Jules: Yeah.

Dave: and a select group of close friends...

Jules: (laughs) Yes, exactly.

Dave: Well, alright, we'll see what we can do...

Jules: Well, we can arrange something.

Then Dave thanks the other guests, says who's on tomorrow, and they ran over. ~ Lātka