Julian Lennon on the View


"The View" is a talk show on ABC which is filmed and broadcast live at 11am EST each day. It is made up of five women (Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters.. and they are trying to find a fifth) with different backgrounds and therefore, different views. The woman interviewing Julian, Rachel Campos, is the youngest and was applying for the fifth position.

Rachel Campos: Being the son of a rock and roll legend can be a double edged sword. It opens a lot of doors, but it can also be a hard act to follow. Just ask Julian Lennon. His latest album 'Photograph Smile' is all about coming to terms with the hand that you're dealt. So, please welcome Julian Lennon.

Julian: Thank you. Thank you.

Rachel Campos: Let me just start off quickly. What is 'Photograph Smile'? (Photo of the album cover shown.) What does that mean to you, this album?

Julian: Well, I mean, a lot of the songs I write are about experiences in life that I've either had myself or, you know, the people around me have had. And, for me, there's always been a distinct relationship between photographs and music because they remind us of times and experiences in our lives that, for instance photographs remind us of times and places. Music, also, when you're falling in love or out of love for the first time in your life, you know, there's normally a song that is yours  

Rachel Campos: That reminds you of that.

 Julian: you know, and so they're very close and so it deals with a lot of, you know, past history.

Julian being interviewed.

Rachel Campos: Well, speaking of times in your life...there was an interesting quote that I recently read that you sort of talked about how your father was sort of this icon in the 60's of peace and love and harmony and there was sort of a hypocrisy about that in terms of your relationship with him. (Photo of John and Julian taken in Scotland shown.)  

Julian: Oh, sure.

Rachel Campos: Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

Julian: Well, I mean basically, you know, I think there's been a lot of misconceptions about how we grew up, you know. It was very much the sort of spoon in the mouth and lots of money, which was not the case at all. Um, I mean, you know, he literally walked out the door when I was, you know, 5 or 6. I may have seen him a handful of times after that. (Photo of John and Julian taken in Scotland shown.) You know, it was really that distant a relationship.

Rachel Campos: Have you gotten any backlash from people who sort of feel like this, this image of him is sort of tarnished or - because you've kind of come forward...

Julian: Well, I mean, the truth hurts, you know 

Rachel Campos: Right. Sure.

Julian: you know, which is a sad thing and it's not tarnishing his image as an artist and his music. It's just, obviously ah, from my point a view, it's very much, you know, a father's, 

Rachel Campos: Yeah

Julian: you know, which, you know, I mean, the one thing he taught me what not to do was how not to be a father.

Rachel Campos: Right. Um Let me ask you this too, speaking of that. Yoko Ono's relationship with you is said to be strained as well. (Photo of Yoko shown.) 

Julian: (laughs) Yes, okay.

Rachel Campos: (laughs) I guess that was an understatement.

Julian: Yeah. Go on.

Rachel Campos: Tell me about that and how this plays into it.

Julian: Well, I mean, the situation is - ah I mean, it's long. I'll try and cut it short. But, you know, the fact of the matter is, when he passed away, ah you know, she was left - it was - the will and the estate was left up to her discretion and so basically she - you know, we made an - we came to an agreement or should I shall the only thing I could get out of the estate. But, you know, it saddens me to see that number one, a lot of his things were sold off to auctions which never came into my hands or the rest of his family in England. Ah, you know, and, and, you know, there's a lot of things that, you know, she owns the rights to his name, his likeness, his looks, you name it. Ah, and I find that difficult to deal with because, you know, at certain times, you know, either Christmas or birthday, I would get an electric blue silver tie ah with, with his sketching and drawings on it - mugs and I'm going: 'This is not how he should be remembered.' No matter how much the father-son relationship was, as an artist, you know, he shouldn't be degraded like that.

Rachel Campos: Well, and as an artist, I have to tell you, we are just so thrilled to have you and we really are excited about seeing you play right now, so let's just get to that right now.

Julian: My pleasure. My pleasure.

Rachel Campos: Alrighty. And now, here to sing 'Day After Day' off his latest album 'Photograph Smile' (Photo of the album cover shown.) here's Julian Lennon.

Preforming Day After Day
Julian and his band which included Greg Darling on keyboards, Matt Backer and John McCurry on Guitars, performed "Day After Day" with Julian finishing the last bit of the song on vocals only... it was very beautiful performance.  Following the performance Rachel returned to the stage said: " Thanks Julian." to which he replied: "My pleasure." and then Rachel plugged the CD: "The CD is called Photograph Smile." and they went to a commercial break.