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During the show there were some short segments of Julian playing "I Should Have Know" and "Good to Be Lonely" with Matt Backer before they would go to commercial breaks....

Laurin Sydney: There was a time when Julian Lennon wondered how he could forge his own path when comparisons to his father, the late John Lennon, would always be made. He has now come to terms with the inevitable in his new critically acclaimed CD 'Photograph Smile' and joining us now to talk about this project is the smiling Julian Lennon.

Julian: Absolutely.

Laurin Sydney: Welcome to the showbiz today.

Julian: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Laurin Sydney: You have been missing in action for the past 7 years, gone from the music biz, what was your impetus in coming back?

Julian: Ooh.That was a tough one, I mean, it was 50-50, but I think the main reason was because if I did leave the music industry I just felt that the last four albums were certainly not a good enough legacy to leave behind so, and a lot of my past had been controlled by other people, you know, so I felt it was necessary for me to come back with an album that I felt complete with, that was -that was overseen, the whole project overseen by myself, you know, I co-produced with Bob Rose.

Laurin Sydney: And've now come to terms, as we've said, with the karma, as you said, of your life.

Julian: Sure, sure. It's certainly been a handful, but yes.

Laurin Sydney: And all of the songs on this CD are autobiographical. The song you're going to do, 'Day After Day,' tell us why and how?

Julian: Well hmm. Basically what it's about is a soldier who's at war, any war, and the only thing that keeps him going and alive is the hope and the faith that one day, you know, he's gonna make it back to his friends and his family and the people that he loves and, you know, that related to me and anybody who works away from home so much, you know, that we're often away for far too long sometimes and so that's where it came from. It's about the distance and wishing and hoping one day you can get back home safely.

Laurin Sydney: We're gonna get back here to listen to that song in just a few moments so why don't you take a break and get ready.. (Julian: Sure.) .and Showbiz Today will be back with Julian Lennon right after this. Stay tuned.

Commercial break which went into a speech by President Clinton....