Julian Lennon on 
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

March 9th, 1999 - USA

Photograph Smile


Jay Leno: Our next guest has released his first CD in 7 years and it's been getting terrific reviews. He's here now to perform a song from 'Photograph Smile.' Please welcome Julian Lennon.

Julian performs 'Day After Day' backed by a full band and string section and  then quickly walks over to join Jay Leno during the applause and the other two guests, Lea Thompson and Ryan Phillippe.

Jay Leno: How are ya? Good to see you again.

Julian: Thank you.

Jay Leno: Have a seat.

Julian: Thank you.

Jay Leno: Very nice. Been a long time.

Julian: Yes, I always get a little nervous doing things like this.

Jay Leno: Huh? Well, it's a long time since I saw you. Was it fifteen years ago or something? Remember where we met?

Julian Lennon on the Tonight Show

Julian: I actually yeah, I saw you in Vegas - I saw you in Vegas. We came and saw the shows.

Jay Leno: (laughing) Yeah, it was very cool though. That was fun. That was fun. Then you took some time off.

Julian: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it was necessary. I was - I'd had too much of the music industry treadmill and it was not my cup of tea and so I wanted to get back to what it was all about, which was the music, and so I started my own indie label and so that I could actually keep control over what was going on.

Jay Leno: Well, that's great. Because, you know, I mean, you must get sick of the constant comparisons.

Julian: Yeah, I mean, there's a song on the album that was a last minute decision because of all the comparisons and the reviews in the past that sort of said, 'Well, you know, you sound just like your dad. Or, you sound just like the Beatles' and in the past, you know, I would always sort of shy away from that and not make a comment because I was trying to forge my own path, you know. So I decided this time around after I sort of felt that I proved my own self worth on this album, to me!, that I would write a mid-60's Beatlesque song and sing it as close to dad as possibly - as possible.

Jay Leno: Well, I think that's great. I mean, it's one of the greatest heritages you could possibly have. (crowd applauds) You go and establish your own thing.

Julian: But the reason - the reason being so that this time when the album came out, you know, and I'd be waiting for the reviews and, you know, as usual, the same old same old, 'Well, you sound just like your dad. You sound just like the Beatles' and finally for me to say, you know, from my life and my career that, 'Well, yes I do. Yes, I do, you know, and now that we both recognize this fact, you know, can we move on from this?' Yeah.

Jay Leno: Can we move on, sure. From what I understand - like I've read that you've sort of had to go buy some of your own artifacts back at auctions or something?

Julian: Yeah, that's absolutely true, too. Yeah, I mean, with the settlement that I did reach with her highness - um uh (Everyone laughs a bit.)

Everyone laughs a bit

Jay Leno: A bit of animosity.

Julian: Well, just a touch, you know. I - uh - I - uh - sorry - (laughs) I - I - I

Jay Leno: That's alright.

Julian: You know, I decided with that money I've actually been going out to the auctions and buying a lot of stuff back that dad owned and uh some of the Beatles stuff too because, you know, literally I wasn't given anything. Nothing was passed down to me and I just feel it's the most ironic thing in the world that I should be buying his stuff back into the family with his money.

Jay Leno: But you know something? Actually, you say that - (pointing to Julian) but the best thing you got passed down to you. Those are material things. You've got the best thing and it's all in here (holding up his copy of 'Photograph Smile')

Julian: Thank you.wow, thank you.

Jay Leno (reaching over to pat Julian on the back): Believe me, you came out way ahead buddy! Julian Lennon. Be right back after this. (Jay to Julian: "Hey can you sign my CD?")

Commercial break

Jay Leno: I want to thank my guests. Julian Lennon, Photograph Smile is the new CD. Very nice work.

Julian: Thank you.