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  Question 1: In the early eighties, Julian got involved in a bad music deal involving recording some stolen John Lennon songs. Which of the following is one of the songs involved in this bad music deal?

Question 2: Who was Julian's first manager?

Question 3: Which of the following has Julian reported to feel the closest too?

Question 4: How did John say he would contact Julian after he died if possible?

Question 5: Which of the following statements can be applied to both Julian Lennon and his father John Lennon?

Question 6: What song by John Lennon did Julian state inspired many of the songs on "Valotte"?

Question 7: On which album did Julian have his recording debut?

Question 8: What was the first song Julian wrote for the album "Help Yourself"?

Question 9: The San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Troop 592 sang the chorus on "New Physics Rant" on Julian's 4th album, "Help Yourself. " How were they paid? 

Question 10: Who does Cynthia Lennon accredit for "(transforming Julian) into the musician he is today?"

Question 11: Which of the following is the only song on "Valotte" which Julian did not write or co-write.

Question 12: Where did the name of Julian's Record company, "Music From Another Room," come from?

Question 13: Where was Julian's first album finished and mixed?

Question 14: What did Julian originally consider naming his 3rd album "Mr. Jordan"?

Question 15: Who came up with the name for Julian's 4th album "Help Yourself"?


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