Quiz & Trivia Question 11

  Which of the following is the only song on "Valotte" which Julian did not write or co-write.

Let Me Be
OK For You
Well I Don't Know

Jesse is correct! It was written by China Burton.

Here's Julian's story on the song... "Well, I met China years ago in a nightclub and we got on well. He had this song and he said 'Well, it would sound good with your voice' because he had heard me doing demos in the studio. So, I listened to the original version, which was a real rough, rough, demo, and said: 'Yeah, well, I'll try doing it in the studio' because, originally, it was a ballad-a real slow ballad-then we thought 'Well, we'll try and see what we can do with it' and we came up with that sort of up-tempo-half-rock-sort-of-thing. I liked it so much I said 'Yeah, please.'"

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