Quiz & Trivia Question 5

  Which of the following statements can be applied to both Julian Lennon and his father John Lennon?

Dropped out of school to pursue a musical career.
Possesses an off-the-wall sense of humor.
Product of a broken home.
Shattered by a sudden tragic death of a parent at age seventeen.
Recorded his first hit single at age twenty-one.
All of the above.

All of above is correct!
  • Both John and Julian dropped out of school to pursue musicalcareers.
  • Both John and Julian have off-the-wall senses of humor.
  • Both John and Julian where products of broken homes. Julian was raised by his mum, Cynthia. His parents divored when he was five and he later had two step-fathers whom Cynthia also divorced. John was raised by his Aunt Mimi.
  • Both John and Julian tragically lost a parent at age 17. Julian his father who was murdered on December 8, 1980. John his mother who was hit by a drunk driver.
  • Both John and Julian recorded their first hit singles at age 21. For Julian it was "Valotte", for John, "Love Me Do"

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