Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

Julian in Dallas, TX 
The Summer of 1986

By Claysey

Special Thanks to Claysey for sharing her great story!!


I have a few very funny Julian Lennon stories about me and his concerts from the mid 80's. I was (and still am) a very determined Julian fan. I went to every concert he had in Dallas, and was in the front row every time. It was so exciting....

In the summer of 1986, Julian performed at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, Texas. It was his "Secret Value" tour.

It was open seating so I got there early so I could be up front (which of course, I was.)  I bought a program before the concert started, that had a lot of pictures of Julian in it.

When he was singing "Too Late..." he was on the opposite side of the stage and I couldn't see him very well. So I took the program I bought and turn it to a full 8x10 picture of Julian. I held it up in the air trying to get Julian to come to my side of the stage. When he came back over, he sees me holding up his picture. He looks at it then looks at me (I thought I was going to die when he made eye contact with me) once we locked eyes, I mouthed the words, "I Love You" in a very fifteen-year-old, hormone-filled kinda way. He thought it was hysterical and kinda laughed and smiled back at me while raising his eyebrows. I thought I had died and gone to heaven...what do you expect...I was fifteen!

Any who, a while later, Julian was sitting at the piano talking to the audience, as he was talking, I could tell he was playing "Want Your Body," the place was really quiet, because everyone was listening to Julian talk. Then all of a sudden I said to myself..."here's your chance"...in my best Texas twang (which I still have to this day) I screamed..."Julian, I want your body" well, he stops what he's doing, kinda laughs again, looks at me, AGAIN, and says something to the effect like..."this girl really likes me." If I had died a second later, I would have died the happiest woman, excuse me, hormone filled teenager, alive. That was probably the stupidest thing anyone of y'all have heard, but at the time, it was the greatest day of my life....

And there is more... before my friend and I went to the concert, we spent all day at the theme park there, ( he performed at Six Flags of Texas) Well, being the middle of summer in Texas, it gets quite hot and you get quite thirsty. So, ALL day I was drinking soda or water. I got to the concert stage there at the theme park early so I could get a good seat, because it was opened seating... I was so excited about the concert that I forgot to use the restroom before I went to the concert stage....(do you know where I'm going with this?)

The concert starts and everything I mentioned previously happens. I'm right up front, dancing and singing, and having the time of my life when I realize.....I GOT TO GO!!!! I was absolutely smashed up against the stage, couldn't even leave if I wanted to, which I didn't, there was no way I was gonna be able to leave. So I did what any dedicated, loyal, and supportive fan of Julian's would do. I looked up to the heavens and asked god to forgive me for what I'm about to do, and then, not able to hold it any longer, I did the unthinkable......and then went right back enjoying the concert again like nothing ever happened. but you know what, I don't regret it for a minute, because one day (today) that's gonna make for a very funny story!