Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

The Practical Joke
 Julian Played on Jen!


I'll try to make this short. I was in the front row of his 1986 concert. During one of his songs he dropped his mike. No big deal except his facial expression was priceless. It was like he was going to get a spanking for being naughty or something. Needless to say I laughed. I didn't think he heard me. Later when the techs came to switch mikes (because his was visibly dented now) he threw the dented one over his back and it landed under the drummer sending crew members all over the floor crawling on their tummies trying to find this thing. Needless to say, again, I laughed. Uncontrollably at this point. Jules sang threw the whole thing, the trooper that he is, but gave me a look to kill. When the song was over he talked a bit then turned directly to me, pointed and said, "As for you laughing, I'll get you later." Shortly afterward two bodyguards were at my sides and the song Space started. The point of the dry ice was to give the illusion that he was walking in space. I understand it was a cool effect (no pun intended) but I didn't see a thing. Why? Because Jules had Justin throw one of those dry ice bombs right at my feet. I was covered in extremely cold smoke through the whole song. After the smoke cleared he was on his back, laughing, and pointing at me. "Gotcha" he said plus something to the affect that it was hard for him to sing and not laugh at me waving the smoke away. Ah, the fun. I remember this like it was yesterday, not 12 years ago.

So, that is my story in a nutshell.

Hope you liked it,