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December 23, 2000

  • Merry Christmas Julian

December 20, 2000

  • Weekly items updated...

December 12, 2000

December 7/8, 2000

December 4, 2000

November 27, 2000

  • Jules News Updated
  • Upcoming Events updated with upcoming TV interview segments.

November 20, 2000

November 14, 2000

  • Weekly items updated

November 6th, 2000

November 3rd, 2000

November 2nd, 2000

October 25th, 2000

October 11th, 2000

  • This week is Acoustic Cafe's 300th week on the air! They are having the 6 best guests from each year they have been on the air on this weeks show and Julian was picked for 1999! Check it out at http://www.mlive.com/cafe and hear 16 minutes of Julian Acoustic as well as a very well done interview!
  • Fixed the 'Hey Jules' mailing list form
  • Jules News Updated - Updates on the "Pop & Me" Documentary...

October 5th, 2000

October 2nd, 2000

October 1st, 2000

September 26th, 2000

September 21st, 2000

September 18th, 2000

September 11th, 2000

September 2nd, 2000

August 28th, 2000

August 21st, 2000

August 16th, 2000

14 August 2000

  • New Photo of the Week/ Current Items of Interest updated

  • FAQs Updated with info on Gemma Hayes who sings with Julian on "Faithful" as well as Julian's own top ten albums.

11 August 2000

  • Gregory Darling co-writer on "Photograph Smile" has recently put up 11 of his own songs on MP3.com Check Them Out!

  • Single information removed from lyrics pages and put on individual singles pages... Discography pages remain unchanged.

7 August 2000

31 July 2000

24 July 2000

  • Picture of the week: a photograph smile from Japan 1998

  • Jules News updated

  • Links updated with a few new links

12 July 2000

5 July 2000

4 July 2000

1 July 2000

26 June 2000

  • Photo of the week: Intently Playing

  • Jules News and Current Items Updated

14 June 2000

11 June 2000

  • Photo of the week: Blue striped sheets

  • Correction note: last weeks photo was from a Valotte Tour Book not Secret Value.

  • Jules News & Current Items of interest updated

  • The Guestbook has been Archived! Only June entries can be found in the current Guestbook.. Old entries can be found in the Archives

  • Julian Lennon: A Candid Conversation- a radio transcript in promotion of Secret Value.

  • Jenny Hooper of Baltimore, Maryland
    Alice Jaksich of Omaha, Nebraska
    John 'Jock' Allen of Melbourne, Australia
    Gail of Oxfordshire, England

    Added to The Fan Map

6 June 2000

  • Photo of the week: The Joker

29 May 2000

  • Photo of the week: Lounging on some stairs..

  • Jules News, Upcoming Events as well as the "Current Items of Interest" updated.

  • Julian FAQS! Part 1 updated with information debunking the well accepted rumor that Julian and Justin were in a band named "Quasar" in their 20s..

25 May 2000

24 May 2000

17 May 2000

15 May 2000

7 May 2000

1 May 2000

24 April 2000

22 April 2000

  • I'm going to suspend tidbits for awhile and start doing a Photo of the week instead.. Many of the past tidbits have been incorporated into 5 new Quiz & Trivia Questions as well as additions to the FAQs & Quotes sections..

  • Photo of the week: Julian's Photograph Smile

  • Media & Fans Menu re-organized... format of 'Assorted Photos' changed.

  • Birthday Messages updated.

18 April 2000

8 April 2000

  • Birthday Wishes from Julian's fans

  • Change in Julian Lennon Day chat venue

3 April 2000

31 March 2000

29 March 2000

  • 7" singles page of the Discography updated.

  • Trading Post updated

27 March 2000

25 March 2000

23 March 2000

  • New layout for News

22 March 2000

21 March 2000

17 March 2000 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Bev of Charleston, West Virginia
    Cathy Brocker of La Quinta, California
    Joelle Lennon of Lighthouse Point, Florida
    Annie of Puerto Rico
    Simone Tyrrell of Melbourne, Australia
    Tori Ann Steel of Nebraska
    Amanda R. Elizabeth Aller Lowe of Aurora, Illinois
    Added to The Fan Map...

  • Trading Post Updated

  • Clipping from Woman's Day (Australia) November 15, 1999

  • 3 clubs added to Links

  • News, Upcoming...

15 March 2000

  • Tidbit.. Items of interest.. etc

  • Featured Magazine
    20th Century Guitar May 1999 (This is one of the best interviews from the PS promotion.. goes into Julian's guitar preferences etc..)

23 February 2000

22 February 2000

21 February 2000

  • Tidbits...

  • Transcript for Choice Radio chat.

17 February 2000

  • Trading Post updated

14 February 2000
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

  • Tidbits and Items of Interest Updated

8 February 2000

7 February 2000

  • Trading Post updated

4 February 2000

  • Trading Post available updated! 

  • Julian Lennon is artist of the month at RetroRewind!

  • I am currently also working on a fan site for Julian's best friend Justin Clayton and have recently added a couple of photos of Julian and Justin from their childhood with more to come... check out the biography section of effortlesSimplicity...

  • Annie tells us that you can vote for you favorite Behind the Music at VH1.com this week.. So go select Julian Lennon as your All time Favorite episode of VH1's Behind the Music! - thanks Annie!

  • VH1 will be re-airing the Julian Lennon Behind the Music on February 16th at 4pm EST

31 January 2000

  • Trading Post available updated! 

24 January 2000

  • Trading Post updated! Thank you to all who are making this a great success in helping other fans find items and keeping me posted when you receive items so that the Trading Post stays up to date!

  • Debut of effortlesSimplicity a fan site for Justin Clayton.

17 January 2000

  • Photograph Smile & Mr. Jordan Album Lyric pages updated.

  • Video Info & Captures for You're The One added

  • Awards Updated 
    Thank you to Echo Web  for Awarding 'Hey Jules'

  • My Julian Lennon concert experiences - NYC

15 January 2000

  • Article found by Lynn added to Justin Clayton page

  • Trading Post Updated

  • Awards Updated Thank you to Paginemusica for Awarding 'Hey Jules'

14 January 2000

10 January 2000

  • Kathi Schlender-Adams of McFarland, Wisconsin
    Jim Johnson of Long Island
    Annamarie of Revere, MA
    Pam of Michigan
    Anita Mazza of New Jersey
    Brad Levison of New Jersey
    Dana Jenkins of Austin, TX
    Pauline of Chesire, England
    Jessica of Laredo, TX
    Joanne of New York 

    - Quotes and dots added to the Fan Map...

9 January 2000

7 January 2000

6 January 2000

  • Assorted changes to Discography, Awards, Media & Fans, Fan Clubs.. Computer Toys renamed Downloads.. Monthly Topic renamed What the Fans Say.. and a few other minor changes to the site.

4 January 2000

3 January 2000