'Hey Jules' debuted April 30, 1998 as "Julian Lennon at Calico Sky". It was renamed 'Hey Jules' October 26, 1998....

I became a fan of Julian's in 1984 when I heard his debut single "Valotte" on the radio and fell in love with his voice and the imagery of his lyrics. I had no idea at the time who John Lennon or The Beatles were though I quickly found out. I was quite annoyed that everyone made such a big deal about Julian's father and history and rarely said much about him himself or his music...

Over the years, I bought anything I could find on Julian and managed to create quite a scrapbook in high school. During that time, much to my parent's dismay, I had Julian's face plastered on my walls and locker, passionately defended him as a musician in his own right, and his music accompanied me just about everywhere via Walkman.. Upon high school graduation and moving on to College in 1988, the posters came down and were carefully stored... by the time I graduated from college in 1993, news on Julian had all but disappeared.  I moved on to other musical interests though he still remained dear to my heart and always in my prayers. I had always wanted to give him something or do something for him to let him know how he had touched my life but could never rationalize anything... Then I started this site...

The site was primarily a means to pacify a feeling that my brain was atrophying when I became a stay at home mom. I thought it was fun getting to know other fans. I had never known any as a teenager... It was sort of a way of reliving it all.. nostalgia so to speak. In 1999, I was blessed with actually seeing/meeting Julian on a few occasions... After Conan on June 18th, 1999 (photo on right)... as well as 3 concerts... They were the first times I had ever seen him live and the experience is one I will never forget.

However, I found that being a fan wasn't really where my heart was... I still think fondly of Julian at times. However, I'm not a teenager anymore. My fondness comes from nostalgia.. I enjoyed trying to help promote him during the Photograph Smile tour. Giving him something back so to speak for the fond memories from my teenage years... however, it goes little beyond that. I wish him happiness - but I don't really care what he is up to. I have absolutely no desire to know anything about his family history. I know when he feels music is ready to come out that it will.. if it happens - ok. I'll buy it. I'll get the singles and such and add them to the boxes that hold my collection - if not - ok. I don't feel strongly one way or another.

While I'm happy to share my breadth of knowledge on Julian and I enjoy designing the site from a design standpoint, I don't share the curiosity into his personal life that it seems most fans do. I also find dealing with some of the more fanatical fans draining. And so, I have cut back drastically in my dealings with fans. I will answer questions and plan on mostly sticking to public forums to do so. Either the Hey Jules Club or Fanspeak.

Hey Jules is a site filled with information on Julian Lennon and it holds a display of my web designing development from 1998 - 2002 - it is the first site I ever developed... I hope you enjoy it.

 I have tried to credit the information and pictures used with in. If there is something here that is yours that you'd prefer it not or is credited inaccurately, please contact me and I'll promptly fix it. This website and the graphic art contained with in (unless otherwise noted) was designed by myself.

CJ Burianek
April 2002