Eyes of the Soul

December 2003/October 2004 UPDATE!
Work on "Eyes of the Soul" has ceased however a new documentary called "The Gathering" about the tribes of indigenous people is in the works by Kim Kindersling
- Check out "The Gathering" Website.

2008 UPDATE: This documentary has finally been released as "WHALEDREAMERS"- Whaledreamers is now available on Amazon.com

Eyes of the Soul"Eyes of the Soul - Legends of Whales, Dolphins and Tribes" was co-conceived by Kim Kindersley and his friend Julian Lennon back in April of 1994. 

The film was to be produced by Napier Marten, and directed by Kim Kindersley who has been producing and directing documentaries regarding dolphins' interactions with man in the wild for over nine years. Julian Lennon was to be the film's music director and create the soundtrack and John Hurt was to narrate the film.

Kim Kindersley told The Oceania Project: "This film is a celebration of humanity's ultimate responsibility to Nature. It combines a series of dramatic images with a unique musical score and tribal mythology narrated by international actors...  To the indigenous peoples of the world, the coming together of humanity with dolphins and whales is the fulfillment of prophecy, the opening of a new dimension of spiritual evolution. Ancient and modern tribes are on the brink of coming together. The dolphins are creating a bridge across time, space and culture."

"For millennia Whales and Dolphins have repeatedly woven themselves through creation myths and rituals of countless tribes. To various indigenous people therefore, Cetaceans are revered stewards speaking of our common destiny, of our interdependence as creatures of one great planet. Guided by this wisdom, tribal shaman still call on Whales and Dolphins to request guidance and healing." - "Eyes of the Soul" will share for the first time these beautiful ancient spiritual rituals with the modern world fulfilling the ancient prophesy of the aboriginal peoples, bringing together the people of the world through dolphins and whales.  

From 1995 - 1998, in preparation for the film, Kim Kindersley and Napier Marten talked to members of several tribes around the world including the Chumash, Maori, Dogon, Native American, Mayan, Achuara, Zulu, Imragen, Inuit, and Australian Aboriginal peoples, collecting interviews and arranging a gathering of the tribes. The tribes gathered in Australia in November of 1998 to record history, as well as the past teachings and philosophies of the "People of the Whale."  All this along with Kindersley's spectacular film footage was to culminate in the film "Eyes of the Soul."  

It was originally hoped that sufficient funds could be obtained to produce "Eyes of the Soul" as an IMAX film.  As of the end of 1998, the project had raised only enough funds to get the tribes together in Australia and record their ceremonies and it apparently ceased at that point as a project in this form...   

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