Would You

"pushed by my sail, I am moved by the whale
as he floats through life's seas
he seems always at ease... show me how" -

The Environment


Other Causes

Would You wallpaper
Would You Wallpaper

The idea behind "Would You' is to present the charity events Julian has been involved in as well as charitable contributions Julian has made... 

I started this section Fall of 2000 after having created the "Would You" wallpaper to the right and thinking about the lyrics to "Would You" combined with what little I knew about Julian's contributions to environmental causes following the recording of "Saltwater" in 1991. I pretty much abandoned "Would You" Spring 2001 because I couldn't find much information... And there was absolutely no interest in assistance by those who would know the information...

What I had of "Would You" was finally posted April 17, 2002. In going through deleting things off of the Tripod account I had, found it and I like the graphics I had done for it and so I decided to post what I had... ~ CJ